Streamline Compliance Management with Deontic's Generative AI Solutions


Deontic helps companies bring together all relevant compliance documents such as legislation, standards, and internal guidelines. Our Generative AI-based platform, specially designed to manage compliance within the mobility sector, keeps track of all important changes.


Using an LLM that has been finetuned on internal domain-specific automotive languages and standards, Deontic classifies and models every section of a regulatory document.


The AI pipeline will extract the relevant sections of the engineering information that are needed for the use case. This could feed into engineering management functions or into simulation (verification and validation) software.


The Deontic platform is kept up-to-date with the latest information available. Engineers and staff impacted by regulatory changes will be alerted of any significant update.

Efficiency and Safety in Regulatory Compliance for Mobility

By leveraging cutting-edge technology, our software streamlines compliance management processes, ensuring adherence to ever-evolving regulations in the mobility sector.

Improved Efficiency

Deontic's AI-based platform provides a comprehensive compliance management solution tailored specifically for the mobility sector. With our software, companies can effortlessly track and manage compliance documents, ensuring adherence to legislation, standards, and internal guidelines.

Enhanced Safety

Deontic's platform keeps engineers and staff informed about the latest regulatory changes impacting the mobility sector. By providing real-time updates and alerts, our software empowers mobility companies to stay at the forefront of compliance while prioritizing safety and efficiency.

Seamless Integration

Deontic's software serves as a Copilot Plugin that securely creates an index of all internal regulatory and engineering documentation. This data is used to train your own model and leverage existing business processes, allowing you to bring the power of Generative AI to your engineering workforce.

Continuous Compliance

Deontic's software ensures the safe development of new mobility innovations. By providing a state of continuous compliance, companies can mitigate risks and ensure the safety of their solutions.

Deontic's Impact on the Mobility Sector

Impact on budget

Midsize to Large Mobility OEMs spend 20% of their total yearly R&D budget on Data and Document processing

Compliance tasks

15% of the engineering workforce in the mobility sector is involved in engineering compliance on a daily basis

Data volume

Midsize to Large Mobility OEMs generate over 500,000 pages of engineering and compliance documentation each year

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