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The Problem

Complex compliance architecture, entangling engineering teams in inefficiencies, driving up costs, impeding development efforts, and resulting in delayed deliveries

Deontic's solution

Collects all relevant compliance documents and uses a proprietary LLM trained on domain-specific automotive languages to classify and model every regulatory document

The Outcome

Streamline continuous compliance empowering teams to focus on higher-value contributions within the organization, lowering costs, and speeding up time to delivery

Maintaining Compliance Management within a Perpetually Evolving Global Industry

The overarching problem of compliance management lies in the overwhelming administrative burden placed on OEMs and Suppliers alike. The manual processes involved in tracking, updating, and disseminating compliance documentation have become not only time and labor-intensive but also financially burdensome. Furthermore, the prevalent reliance on institutional knowledge exacerbates the problem and so does a reliance on rigid legacy systems that do not meet the demands of business today.

The Opportunity to Streamline Compliance

This shift towards automation not only enhances efficiency but also empowers engineering professionals to focus on higher-value contributions. As the mobility sector evolves, the demand for streamlined compliance management solutions becomes increasingly critical, positioning Deontic's AI-based platform as a pioneering solution to address these market needs.

Deontic's Visionary Approach to Compliance Management

In response to the complex challenges facing the mobility sector, Deontic offers a visionary solution designed to redefine compliance management. At the core of our approach is the utilization of a Generative AI-based platform tailored explicitly for the mobility sector. Deontic empowers companies to seamlessly keep track of all pertinent compliance documents, including legislation, standards, and internal guidelines.

By embracing Deontic's compliance management solution, organizations in the mobility sector can unlock a spectrum of benefits, from strategic industry insights to operational efficiency and accelerated product development.

Revolutionizing Mobility Compliance Management with Large Language Models

Deontic’s white paper on continuous compliance introduces Deontic's LLM-based compliance management solution, meticulously crafted for the mobility sector. By addressing the formidable administrative burdens, silos of institutional knowledge, and legacy software constraints, Deontic offers a transformative pathway to liberate organizations from manual processes. This visionary solution not only streamlines compliance management but also paves the way for a future where compliance is seamlessly integrated into the fabric of mobility development.

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